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Secondary marketing of locations
of the tender "Deutschlandnetz"

About the future charging needs of e-vehicles on medium and long-distance journeys
to cover, the federal government is already announcing the construction and operation of a Germany-wide fast charging network on October 1st, 2021 - the Germany network. The tender includes, among other things, publicly accessible HPC fast charging locations in over 900 search areas away from the federal motorways in urban, suburban and rural areas. After a good 1.5 years, the applications for the participation competition are finally being examined. 

As part of the tender, the future operators had to submit potential locations for fast-charging sites for the more than 900 search areas. With more than 400 participants, well over 900 location rights were certainly acquired. However, not every location will actually be realized in the German network. Thus, in each search area, only one operator can be successful with the locations it has introduced.

What does that mean? Many excellent sites could remain unused. They are either unknown to the winning operator or are in competition with the winning sites. We don't want to let these locations fall by the wayside!

If you are the owner of a site that has been secured by an operator and want to ensure that it will be built in any case, or if the procedure with the federal government is taking too long, then get in touch:
We take care of the further marketing of your location in the usual professional and competent manner.

If you, as a potential operator, did not emerge as a winner or have withdrawn from participation, we will be happy to support you - independently and neutrally - in the remarketing of secured site rights. Feel free to contact us: Every location counts!

What we offer...

✔ 14 years of experience in electromobility means working with the professionals 

✔ Extensive market analysis and assessment based on our many years of experience

✔ Competent initial assessment of your location by experienced experts
✔ Creation of representative exposés
✔ Qualified pre-selection of possible operators/tenants based on our expert opinion
✔ Support in contract negotiations and maximizing rental income 

✔ If required: taking over the entire negotiation process 

✔ After-sales support even after the conclusion of the contract

By the way: For location partners, our service is usually completely free of charge, since operators of charging infrastructure take over the broker's commission if the location is suitable!

How we market...

Registration location(s)

by the owner


(optional) portfolio building

energy park broker

conclusion of contract

owner /

Preparation of site reports

energy park broker


energy park broker / operator



Processing  & Discussion of location exposé

energy park broker /


Owner / energy park broker / operator

operating phase

operator /

Register location directly..

Thank you for your inquiry. We'll get back to you!

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