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portfolio marketing

There are good reasons for you as the owner or user of suitable locations
to join an actively managed marketing portfolio. diversification, attractiveness
increase and economies of scale for you as the owner, but also for the operators of charging infrastructure.

Based on relevant influencing factors, such as the homogeneity of the offers at locations, location sizes or the spatial proximity to transport hubs, suitable location portfolios are created, which then go into marketing together. In addition to suitable locations, we can also provide operators with important preliminary information (e.g. diversity of offers)  and provide a uniform contract situation. This simplifies site acquisition and gives us an optimal negotiating position.

Currently, with our partners SABU Schuh & Marketing GmbH and INTERSPORT Germany e.G. portfolio marketing in order to bundle forces and thus realize maximum location rents.


Reasons for marketing locations in the portfolio approach

Efficiency in negotiation and transaction

Greater attractiveness to operators & investors

economies of scale &

market power

Diversification & Relevance for operators

Our unique offering allows for diversification, for example covering a wider range of geographic areas. In the sum of the locations, the dependency on the individual quality of individual locations can also be reduced. In addition, the portfolio offers greater flexibility for operators and their investors by offering a variety of locations to choose from, tailored to operators' specific needs. Ultimately, from our experience, a portfolio of locations is more attractive for operators because - thanks to our standards - it offers them economies of scale. The structure of the portfolios developed by us plays a decisive role here, as does a contractual, uniform safeguarding of the cooperation for the operators of fast charging parks and thus your future tenants.


Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer & Christoph Drucks

energy park broker & INTERSPORT Drucks in an interview

Learn About Portfolio Marketing & First-hand cooperation with energieparkmakler by greenventors.

If you are interested in participating - the provision of at least 4 to 8 parking spaces is ideal for a high portfolio value/highest rental income - then register your locations directly in the portfolio or simply arrange a free initial consultation. We'll get back to you!

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