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Backgrounds greenventors location index


The greenventors location index is an advanced, data-driven rating system. We developed it to be able to objectively and comprehensibly evaluate the potential of locations for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It enables a comprehensive, multidimensional and systematic assessment of locations to determine their suitability for the use of charging stations. The assessment is always carried out by an expert for market values from greenventors GmbH, who has many years of experience in electromobility. Our experts are independent and neutral and ensure an objective and accurate assessment.

  1. Market Related Factors: This takes into account data on EV registrations in the vicinity of the site as well as competing charging infrastructure. It can also assess the presence and potential of nearby markets that may lead to the increase in EV traffic.

  2. Location Partner-Related Factors: These factors take into account the various services and attractions in the vicinity of the site that may cause EV users to stay longer (push and pull factors). The quality of stay at the site, the presence of facilities and services that users can use while charging is also taken into account.

  3. Parking related factors: Here, the size of the parking lot and its suitability for the installation of charging stations is evaluated. Aspects such as accessibility, visibility, security and the general condition of the parking lot could also be considered here.

The greenventors index combines all of these aspects to produce a score that represents a specific location's potential for installing EV charging infrastructure. This score is then used to help operators and site owners select the best sites for their investments and maximize the return on their investment.

Our index not only provides an independent and well-founded assessment of the potential of a location, but also enables transparent and fair marketing of the locations. In this way, all stakeholders - owners and operators - can make informed decisions based on objective data.

In summary, the greenventors location index plays a crucial role in promoting e-mobility by helping to identify the best locations for charging stations, thereby expanding and optimizing the charging infrastructure network.

In what steps does the assessment take place?

Entering the relevant location data

Digital assessment of the site

Market value determination based on the greenventors index

Transmission and discussion of the report

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